Top 5 Knife Tips

Top 5 Knife Tips

1. Choose the right knife for the job. Peeling an apple with a Santoku could be dangerous and chopping a cabbage with a paring knife would take forever! 

2. Love your knives: while most knives are dishwasher safe, they will last longer and stay sharper if you hand wash gently under running water and dry with a soft cloth.

3. Organization counts! Storing your knives properly helps them stay sharp and keep chefs safe (think sharp knife in an open drawer…ouch!). Keep your knives on a magnetic wall strip or in a handy storage block, like our Kilne knife block.

4. Do your research. Knives are an important investment so look for ones made of high-grade steel with full tang (the steel goes from tip to tail) for optimum balance and strength.

5. Don't forget to sharpen. Even the best steel loses its edge when it's well-used. Home chefs should invest in honing steel and/or a sharpener to keep that perfect edge.