Water Knife Sharpener
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Resharpen your knives with minimal effort using our new Water Knife Sharpener, with three sharpening slots-fine, medium or coarse-to keep your knives in tip-top shape.

This manual sharpener creates a super-sharp edge using ceramic sharpening abrasives and precise angle control. Water is used to keep blades both cool and clean during the sharpening process, making this a more efficient and mess-free sharpening option.


  • Partially enclosed water chamber with ceramic sharpening wheels
  • 3 different sharpening slots: Coarse, Medium & Fine (1, 2 ,3)
  • Sharpens all types of knives, including steel and ceramic
  • Ergonomic handle for use with a left or right-hand grip
  • Slip-resistant rubber feet provide a steady hold on work surfaces

How to Use: Always fill the chamber with water; this keeps the blade clean to ensure it runs smoothly through the slot and will keep the steel cool during sharpening. Run the knife blade through the wheels (starting with the coarse slot and ending with fine) using a push/pull motion and firm, even pressure. 

Note: This sharpener is not for use on serrated blades.

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Keep Your Knives Sharp

Improved Sharpening

Water eliminates extra friction on the blade—improving sharpening power—and dissipates heat as the blade moves back and forth, to ensure smooth sharpening.

Easy to Use

Run your knife through all three slots (starting with 1, the blue sharpening wheel) to resharpen a blunt blade. For regular maintenance, skip straight to the fine slot.

Quickly Restore Blades

Simply pull the knife backand forth with firm, even pressure through desired slots 6-8 times each. Repeat if necessary until desired sharpness is reached.

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Why Water?

While keeping the blade clean and cool during sharpening, the use of water also means less dust and debris is produced, making it a cleaner and more efficient option compared to other traditional sharpening methods.

Also, the sharpener's compact size is portable and convenient to use in any location, making it a must-have for any home cook or professional chef.




8.5" l x 2.375" h x 1.625" d


0.78 lbs


High carbon steel, polyoxymethylene (POM), carbon fibre, and stainless steel


Always wash your knives after sharpening and before use. To clean the sharpener, simply run it under cold water.

Empty the water from the sharpener and let dry after use and before storing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Sharpener v convenient & easy to use.

Amanda Mitchell
Awesome pan

Bought 2 as gifts for.my dad & sister. Both very happy and enjoy using them.

Grace Dewolf
Love this pan

Love using this pan. Don’t even put it away.

Victoria Sebastian
Good, easy to use sharpener

We tried the sharpener on some of our dullest knives. It took a few tries but we were able to get them much sharper and less dangerous! Will use the sharpener on a regular basis. This is a convenient to use kitchen tool.

Lorie D
Fabulous pan

Simply amazing pan, wish it came in a large and mini size.

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