Chef's Knife
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The All Rounder.

A classic french knife, great for chopping, mincing, dicing, and/or slicing!

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8” Chef Knife

A classic all-rounder with a strong, sharp blade ideal for both cutting and chopping.

Why the chef's knife?

Classic French Knife

The chef's knife is the ideal all-rounder, great for fine cuts with the tip of the blade and heavy lifting and everyday cuts like chopping vegetables or slicing through your favourite cut of meat. The knife is fully-forged with high-grade chromium German steel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Susanne L

So, this is my first chef's knife. I've wanted one for years but I didn't know how to choose. Then my husband found an article on Kilne knives and I filed it away until now. The knife arrived promptly, is beautiful and cuts like a dream. I can't believe I used to have to "saw" through meat with my old knives! My hands are on the small side and it fits well. It's easy to hold, has a good weight without being heavy, and balances well. All in all, I am extremely satisfied.

Jeff Sproat
chef's knives

Best knives ever

Julie Eckert
Love the quality!

Finally a good knife to replace my "20-something" chef's knife I bought because it was cheap. At 41, I was overdue for my grown-up version. :)

Nancy Gebriel
Chef’s Knife

I am very pleased with the Chef’s knife I purchased. I like the balance and it cuts easily and smoothly. I should have purchased the knife sharpener at the same time. I just ordered the knife sharpener and it’s out for delivery.

Tony Frith
Worth the $50 bucks

Great so far. Let you know otherwise in a few years.

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