Chef's Knife
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The All Rounder

The classic french knife good for chopping, mincing, dicing, and/or slicing!

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8” Chef knife

A classic all-rounder with a strong, sharp blade ideal for both cutting and chopping

Why the chef's knife?

Classic French Knife

The chef's knife is your ideal all rounder good for doing fine cuts with the tip of the blade all the way to doing heavy lifting whether it be chopping vegetables or slicing through your favourite cut of meat. The knife features chrome German steel, a full bolster, and is fully forged

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Barry Connell
Daughter Loves Them.

She is very happy with the knives.

Chef,s knife

Great knife&fast shipping!

Dean Jones
8inch chefs knife

Great knife,comfortable in the hand.Super sharp,cut vegetables paper thin.

David Hunt
New knives

These are a wonderful working knife, my friend who i bought them for loves them and is going to get some more. And best of all they are made in Canada..

Antonio Serravalle
Cutting Edge???

Pls rescind my previous review with my apology. Upon closer inspection I have noticed that the reason the edge looked so rough was because of the way the grind marks on the flat of the blade intersected with the cutting edge gave it the appearance that the edge was rough. It is not. Totally my mistake. Gave it 4 rating because haven't tried them yet.

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