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"We tried it: Kilne offers an affordable way to bring edgy kitchen essentials home."
"I've reviewed Kilne and their excellent products in the past... the company is legit."
"Essential tools for your kitchen, Kilne offers something for every chef."
"Well-known and respected for bringing high-quality blades to consumers at affordable prices."
The Everything Pan
"THE BEST PAN!!!!!!!!!! Love this pan so much! Not only is it super functional, it is equally as beautiful. The sage green is gorgeous and makes me want to keep it out on display. We have used it a bunch of times and it is now our 'go to' pan. This pan cooks evenly and it is insanely easy to clean. Great product and price point for a high-end Italian made pan!!!"
Kristen P., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"There's a reason why The Everything Pan has gone viral — it's the perfect non-stick homebase for any dish!"
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The Knife Set
"Is it weird I am so in love with a set of KNIVES!??! But it's true! I feel like the home chef I've always wanted to be, because these knives were expertly crafted and make my experience cooking THAT much more enjoyable. I couldn't recommend these enough."
Danai M., Guelph, Ontario, Canada
"Good knives are the foundation of any kitchen and this set delivers (it’s not just good, it’s fantastic)."
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1881 reviews
Chef's Knife
Margaret Danklefsen
What a great gift

I use a lot of vegetables and a chefs knife is essential. This knife was highly recommended by my cooking club and the Kilne knife did not disappoint me at all. I love it.

The Everything Pan
Belinda Berkowitz
New skillet pan

Love it! Using oil & very low heat 👍❤️

The Everything Pan
Justine Kobitowich
Kilne Pan

Loving our new pan. It’s everything as expected and so easy to
Use and clean. Cooks like a dream. Thank you.

Bread Knife
Patti Knackstedt

Love my knife

Paring Knife
Kathie Reid
Fine knife

This is a high quality paring knife that will keep a sharp edge and last a long time. Great for any kitchen!

The Everything Pan
Pamela De Pauw

Am enjoying it so far. Have not tried it in the oven. Thank you for the use tips, as I had already sprayed it with Pam, not knowing that it could damage the finish. Perhaps that information should come in the package. Pam De Pauw

Paring Knife
Philip Cimolai
Best ever. Just make a sauce pan!

Amazing cookware cannot beat it.

The Everything Pan
Rachele Packwood
Kilne pan

Great pan but you should also make a small version!

The Knife Set
Heather Watts
Awesome knife set

The knife set was is wonderful. One of the best knives I have owned. Very well made, easy to grib and solid.

The Everything Pan
Mary Lowndes
Love it!

Loving the pan so far. Used it for eggs and pancakes. The eggs just slid off easily and the pancakes browned evenly.

The Everything Pan
Jeffrey Wallace

Very nice pan, really like it. Only thing is the handle on top gets to hot to handle and need to use pot holders

Paring Knife
Carly Gubasta

I have only had this knife for about a month but when I first received it I was very impressed with it. Hoping it holds up and doesn’t start to chip like other knives I have owned.

The Everything Pan
Nora Bumanis
Perfect Pan

This pan is attractive, easy to clean and regulates temperature beautifully. It is not heavy to maneuver. Brings a nice pop of colour to my kitchen.

The Everything Pan
Susan Rankin
So far so good,

I’ve only cooked in it twice but it’s been great and I got a thumbs up from my husband who cooked using it last night. It is really non-stick at this point. The question will be how long will it stay non-stick! This review would be more useful 5 years from now. I’m following all the suggested usage and storage points to see if I can protect the coating for as long as possible as that has been the problem with other brands in the past.
I gave it a 4 star because it’s a little shallower than my previous frying pan of the same diameter. Some of my recipes will not fit in this pan.

The Essential Knife Set
Jaimary Jaimes
Good quality

I feel they are good quality, I haven’t used them but they feel sturdy to the touch and I know they will performance exceptional in the kitchen!

Steamer pot

The only cooking pot you need

The Everything Pan
Dale Croome
Pan of the Year

Love our new everything pan. Heats up even and clean up is so easy.

The Everything Pan
Annette Croome
Love it

Ordered the green everything plan , color is perfect , pan is amazing , thank you so much

The Everything Pan
Patricia Pegoraro

The Everything Pan

Love this pan

I finally found a pan that checks all the boxes: from non toxic materials and a non stick surface that performs like a dream. Will definitely buy more in the near future

The Everything Pan
David Crabb

The Everything Pan

The Everything Pan
Francine DiMambro
The Awesome Italian Pan

Not only is it a wonderful non-stick cooking pan that does what it is supposed to do but it’s also very elegant looking. Highly recommend.

The Everything Pan
LeeAnne Folgizan

The Everything Pan

light, easy to use, easy to clean. like it.

The Everything Pan
Laura Gideon
Great Pan

Beautiful looking pan that is truly non stick. Everything seems perfect so far, we use it on the daily so only time will tell if it can stand the wear and tear

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