Santoku Knife
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The Chopper

The perfect blade for chopping. It features a thinner blade for finer cuts, but an all rounder for slicing and dicing as well.

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7” Santoku knife

Multi-use knife with a granton edge to help keep food from sticking when chopping and a thinner blade thickness for finer cuts

Why the santoku knife?

Chops with Ease

The Santoku knife features a slimmer blade and a granton edge which helps when chopping at speed so that food falls off the blade. It's perfect for big as well as fine cuts and is flatter than the chef's knife if you prefer to chop in a rocking motion. The knife features chrome German steel and is fully forged for balance

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Irene Folz
Kline knives

Great product, well balanced and super sharp

nancy mcdougall
All in the balance

I was sad when my all purpose knife broke in a fall. I was also sceptical that your knife would be a satisfactory replacement. Much to my surprise and delight, it is more than worthy. I love the feel of it, the perfect balance and sharp blade, the design of which allows me to cut through a block of smoked salmon without having the slices stick to the blade. I am more than satisfied!

Lloyd Le Blanc
2'nd knife

Just bought my second Santoku knife .
First one was a birthday gift for our oldest son and the same with for our youngest son. Both are great cooks and they love the knives.

Amy Greer
Perfect add-on to the Essential Knife Set

Wanted the complete set of tools, as with the others, time will tell, but this is a well made knife, super sharp, feels great in my hand.

Kayyoum Ali
I am happy with the knives

Very sharp and well balanced.

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