Made for Your Kitchen
All of Kilne’s products are meant to empower home cooks, allowing them to create magic in their kitchen through thoughtfully designed cookware. Kilne works directly with the best manufacturers and suppliers to provide quality cookware without retail markups. Our partners are located all over the world and have been around for generations. Let us introduce you.
The Everything Pot & Pan

This family-owned business was founded in 1875. Production takes place in state-of-the-art factories, with care and attention to detail imprinted in the tradition of craftsmanship. The factory is deeply committed to using best practices that will reduce their carbon footprint, including using processes in their production that are less energy-intensive.

The factory is certified through ISO 14001, an internationally agreed standard that helps organizations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste. Direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions are monitored annually with the commitment to continually lowering output, and efficiencies in production processes are constantly being updated through multiple initiatives and certifications. They are devoted to the welfare of all their employees, who receive full health benefits.


Our dinnerware maker is a Portuguese company that has been leading the stoneware tableware and accessories space since 1998. They combine their craftsmanship with innovative technologies and the best natural materials Portugal has to offer to make high-quality ceramics. Focusing on environmental impact for them is a priority as they constantly evolve their processes to minimize their ecological footprint. Their unique single-fired production saves energy and reduces emissions. They lead with the philosophy that their employees are their greatest assets, and with that have committed to a mission focusing on a positive and balanced work environment, equal rights and social inclusion, ethical standards, and human rights.


This family-owned business combines nearly 30 years of knowledge with the latest innovative technologies. The facility, located in the North of Portugal, uses a clean, environmentally friendly process aimed at reducing and reusing resources to reconcile economic development, social responsibility, and protecting the environment. The stainless steel used for Kilne Flatware is a 100% recyclable material!

We chose them not only for their passion, innovation, environmental practices and customer loyalty, but because they continually invest in and support employees with yearly bonuses, performance awards, health insurance, and comprehensive training.

Knife Sets, Knives, Steamer, Acacia Wood Products, Tawashi Brush, Water Knife Sharpener

Choosing a manufacturer for our award-winning Knife Set was the foundation of Kilne, and they remain a staple partnership in manufacturing a variety of our products. The factory has been operating for more than 30 years, is eco-friendly, and scores top marks in environmental protection audits. The factory invests budget every year to continue focusing on reducing emissions, and is in compliance with the Forest Stewardship Council. Audits of the factory have resulted in excellent ratings in both fair pay and safe working conditions.

Knife Blade Steel

The steel used to make our knives is the heart of their quality and durability. Our knife blade steel is manufactured in Germany by a maker that holds strong environmental, economic, and social values. The company was founded in 1910 in Finland, and has grown internationally since then. The steel made for our knife blades is sustainable and fully recyclable, and the factory’s processes support international standards to reduce emissions and enhance global environmental and climate protection. They comply with international labour treaties, in addition to holding strong policies regarding a safe and healthy workplace, and human rights. 

We continue to search for great partners to bring our customers high-quality and long-lasting products that don’t break the bank, look great, and function well in any kitchen.