The Steak Knife Set
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The Ultimate Knife Set
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Not just for steaks, these serrated chromium German steel knives are great for tomatoes, citrus, baguettes and more...

These small but powerful knives have serrated blades that transition comfortably from meal prep to the dinner table. The magnetic blocks easily attach to each other or the sides of The Knife Set.

Pair with our Cutting Board to complete your set up.

What's Included:

  • 6 x Steak Knives with 5” blades
  • 2 x magnetic acacia wood knife blocks

Winner of the 2021 Canadian Grand Prix New Product Award.

Note: Acacia wood varies in tone. Blocks may be slightly lighter or darker than blocks pictured. The white knife blocks have a white coated exterior and are made of the same acacia wood and soft wood interior that is gentle on knives.

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"I can attest to [the steak knives] practicality, versatility, and overall craftsmanship. Aesthetically, I love the way these knives look both stowed away neatly in their block or on my dinner table. They’re super sleek."
"You’ll find comfortable handling and balancing, thanks to Kilne’s fully-forged construction and ergonomic grip."

Why Kilne is a Cut Above the Rest

Sharpness That Lasts

Made with chromium German steel, the smaller exposed edges in the serrated blades stay sharper longer.

Perfect Balance

Fully-forged construction means the blade is one piece of steel through the handle, providing exceptional balance.

Ergonomic Grip

Equipped with a non-slip grip—even when wet—these knives are easy to hold for the duration of dinner.

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5" Steak Knives

Don’t let the name fool you, steak knives aren’t just for steaks. They are more powerful than your average table knife, and with smaller exposed edges in the serrated blades, they stay sharper longer. The 5" saw-like, serrated blade makes it easy to slice through crusty cuts like roasts, ‘biting’ down on meat with ease.


Serrated and Versatile

The serrated, saw-like blade is great for all types of meat (or meat alternatives) from steak and chops to chicken breasts and burgers. Put their versatility to the test with everything from tomatoes, citrus fruit or even a baguette. They're also perfect for cubing cheese or coring an apple. Steak knives need minimal pressure, making sometimes messy tasks like cutting a tomato a breeze.


Acacia Knife Blocks

Multiple storage options! The two magnetic steak knife blocks, made from acacia wood, attach easily to the sides of the Kilne Magnetic Knife Block, or can be attached to each other to stand alone. They can also easily be stored separately in a drawer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Alice MacKinnon

Very sharp

Pier-Alexandre Mallet
Greates Steak Knives!

Greatest Steak Knives I've ever purchased. My only complaint is that I wanted the magnetic ones so they could stick to my Kilne block, which I purchased last year, and they don't stick :(

Hi Pier-Alexandre, we've got you covered. Please check your email :)

Pat Cody

This is my second order for the same product it’s a surprise for my son I’m really happy with my original order we use them on the daily thank you for making an excellent product

Cher Novinc

I love the knives, but I have 2 issues. The angle of the block makes it so that it cannot site under my upper cupboards as I cannot pull the knives out. It has to sit on a counter with no uppers! The magnetic steak knife holders don't wor- each time I pull out a knife, they fall off the side of the block. I will be returning this sadly!

Anita Phelan

Love my knives...the magnetic block works great...very prompt andgood service..I think the pan will be next

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