Hello German Steel

Hello German Steel

Kilne knives are made with high-grade X50CrMoV15 German Steel.

X50CrMoV15… You may have noticed this on the blade of your knives, under the Kilne logo. But what does X50CrMoV15 actually mean?

X– Stainless Steel – High-grade German Steel for precision cutting.

50 – Carbon Content –0.5% carbon offers good hardness, which results in good edge retention. The blade stays sharper, longer.

Cr – Chromium – Ensures high rust resistance in the finish of the blades.

Mo – Molybdenum – Increases toughness and reduces the likelihood of chipping.

V – Vanadium – Improves grain structure and durability to reduce wear.

15 – Chromium Content – 15% chromium increases the resistance to oxidation and corrosion and allows the classification of ‘stainless steel’.