The Perfect Pair

With their wide range of features, the Everything Pot & Everything Pan will quickly become the only cookware couple you need, so you can save space in your kitchen, spend less time deciding what to cook with, and more time picking out a tasty recipe.

Superior resistance to scratches, abrasions and corrosion Everything Pot replaces 12 pieces of cookware Everything Pan replaces 9 pieces of cookware Available in 3 colours The Non-Stick Steamer also serves as a strainer Meticulously crafted in Italy Lightweight aluminum bodies & ferromagnetic steel bases Self-basting + steam-release lids
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Free From PFAs, PTFEs, PFOAs, and Heavy Metals
The revolutionized non-stick coating is a health-conscious, eco-friendly coating composed of inorganic materials and natural solvents like water and alcohol. We also refrain from using any kind of hard anodization.
Better Non-Stick For Easy Cooking & Cleanup
Our ceramic-coated double-release technology lasts up to 4 times longer than other non-stick, requires less oil when cooking, and is a breeze to clean up.
Stovetop to Oven Cooking (yes, even broiling!)
The ferromagnetic bases are compatible with all stovetops, including induction. As they're highly heat-retentive, low-medium heat on the stovetop is generally all you'll need. Both pot and pan are lightweight and oven safe: they can handle heat levels up to 400°C (750°F)!

2024 Product of the Year Canada Cookware Category Winner, The Everything Pot*
The world's largest consumer-voted award for product innovation. Guiding shoppers to the most innovative products in their market. *Survey of 4,000 people by Kantar.

2023 Best New Product Awards Winner (Canada): Cookware Category Winner, The Everything Pan
The Best New Product Awards is North America’s #1 consumer-voted awards program, based 100 percent on the voice of consumers.

2023 Red Dot Award: Product Design Winner, The Everything Pan
The Red Dot Design Award is one of the biggest design competitions in the world.

Good Housekeeping 2023 Kitchen Gear, Coffee and Tea Award: Winner, The Everything Pan
Seasoned analysts who have years of experience testing products, working in professional kitchens, developing kitchenware, and creating recipes — spent months testing hundreds of submissions.


With a purposeful and thoughtful approach to design, we aim to ensure all our products are high-quality and aesthetically pleasing while emphasizing usability and functionality, to guarantee top performance in the kitchen.

In an anti-adhesiveness burned milk test, the pan outperformed standard ceramic pans by over 93%.

In a test against other ceramic-coated non-stick commonly found on the market, the pan’s release-power lasted as much as 4 times longer.

Endured 198,000 more test cycles of abrasive scrubbing and rotating marbles than standard ceramic pans in an abrasion stress test.

Longer Lasting Non-Stick

Both the Everything Pot and Everything Pan are equipped with the same interior coating. The heat-distribution, non-stick and durability are all rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance. The non-stick surface is ensured to be anti-scratch, dishwasher safe* and compatible with metal utensils.


Meticulously and sustainably crafted in Italy with electric energy, our pan production requires very little energy—curing temperatures are lower—resulting in much lower CO2 output when compared to traditional nonstick coatings.

The Everything Pot/Pan factory has taken a strategic approach to improving its environmental performance through ISO 14001, an internationally agreed standard that helps organizations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.

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