Comparing Kilne & Our Place?
Save time in the kitchen with quality cookware built for everyday use
Two leaders in the non-stick game, see what makes the Kilne Everything Pan different.
The Benefits
Kilne aims to ensure all our products are high-quality and aesthetically pleasing while emphasizing usability and functionality, to guarantee top performance in the kitchen.
The Everything Pan
The Other Guys*
Induction Compatible
Oven Safe
Rated for High Heat
Free from PTFE (Teflon), PFOA, nickel and heavy-metals
10 Year Warranty
Ergonomic Handle
Self-Basting Lid

In an anti-adhesiveness burned milk test, the pan outperformed standard ceramic pans by over 93%.

In a test against other ceramic-coated non-stick commonly found on the market, the pan’s release-power lasted as much as 4 times longer.

Endured 198,000 more test cycles of abrasive scrubbing and rotating marbles than standard ceramic pans in an abrasion stress test.

Longer Lasting Non-Stick

The heat-distribution, non-stick and durability of the pan are all rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance. The non-stick surface is ensured to be anti-scratch, dishwasher safe* and compatible with metal utensils.
*Our Place