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Fantastic purchase 🔪
So excited to use these beautifully crafted knives in the kitchen. Making cooking so much more enjoyable. Great quality. Happy to support a Canadian company. 5 stars ⭐️
Jennifer M.
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"Sharp for the long haul."
"Well worth the price."
"The best knives for the home cook."

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Frederic B
Sharp mofo’s!!

I got four knives and cut myself with three of them! That said I just purchased two more sets, one for my mother and one for my mother in law. Need I say more? (Other than I didn’t buy them the sets to hurt them :-)

Catherine G
So impressed!

Beautiful set! Knives are so sharp and love that the block has a magnet to attach other knives to it!

Elaine Faber
Kilne killed it!

Received my knife set and was wowed! Super sharp and a pleasure to work with! Never realized how dull my kitchen knives were until I used the Kilne knife set! Love them!

Megan M.
Great knives!

Really happy with the quality and variety of this knife set. If I could make one complaint it’s the scissor placement on the block - seems as though it was designed as an afterthought. The hole is entirely too large or misshapen for the scissors so they don’t seems to go in very securely and kind of jiggle about, and it is placed at the very front of the block with the much smaller paring knife right behind it which makes it difficult to get at the knife easily. Not the worst thing in the world, but might have been a good design consideration. Overall a great set of knives and a great value.

Jaclynn Bartels

The Knife Set