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Fantastic purchase 🔪
So excited to use these beautifully crafted knives in the kitchen. Making cooking so much more enjoyable. Great quality. Happy to support a Canadian company. 5 stars ⭐️
Jennifer M.
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kathi robertson

I am not a knife connoisseur at all but I do love a knife that sits well. These are amazing. They are super sharp and feel good in the hand. The block looks good on the kitchen counter. Do I love them...yes!

Lauren Pearson
Best Knife set for beginner and pro's alike!

This knife block really blew my mind and has made cooking so much easier and more enjoyable. We are a foodie family and really appreciate that the knives come with a lifetime guarantee and that they do everything they say they will. They make cooking feel effortless and we can not wait to get into the kitchen every day to use them.

Peter Taylor
Kline knife set

With a background in mechanical engineering I have an understanding of metals and their applications, I was delighted to see that the Kline knives are made from German Cr Mo steel which is very good for holding a cutting edge, the design and manufacture of the knives plus the wooden block is superb. Congratulations on a lovely product. Regards. Peter Taylor.

Paulette Riley

My husband is thrilled with the chef's knife...passed all his tests such as cutting through paper with ease, balancing on one finger, etc. We've only had it for a few days so don't know how often it will need to be sharpened. Only complaint is with the shipper, Canpar, which is notoriously slow and difficult to communicate with. But that being said, the knife itself and Kilne customer service is great!

Peter Aselstyne

I’ve been using these knives for a couple of weeks now. It’s given me a new appreciation for quality knives. They are so sharp that one needs to take care when using them.
They feel good and the handles aren’t slippery.
A great purchase.