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Fantastic purchase 🔪
So excited to use these beautifully crafted knives in the kitchen. Making cooking so much more enjoyable. Great quality. Happy to support a Canadian company. 5 stars ⭐️
Jennifer M.
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Excellent knife set

This knife set is really nice; it looks great and the knives are beautiful and very sharp. It’s now fun again to slice vegetables and meat, since I don’t need my old dull knives any more.

“Cuts Like A Knife!!”

Making Bryan Adams proud!!! If you somehow get Bryan Adams to sign on for a commercial and cut vegetables in HD with the Kilne knife set (all while that overplayed 80’s tune of his is in the background) I have a feeling your sales would skyrocket. And if I could get like a 5% royalties cheque for this idea, that works for me too. You’re welcome.

Anyways, yeah the knives are great! After having a dull set the past two years it’s really shown me the need for good quality and well balanced knives in the kitchen. I’m an amateur chef at best, but I still feel more confident in the kitchen knowing the tools I use for the job are of great quality. Will be recommending to people!!


These are beautiful! A really good weight and hand feel. I had my daughter Erin order on my behalf. So happy to support a Canadian company!

Smaller than I thought

The knife block is much smaller than I expected with no spare spaces for future knife purchases which is a disappointment. The knives and the block are good quality though.

Review Knofe Set

I bought the knife set for my grand-daughter's trousseau.