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Fantastic purchase 🔪
So excited to use these beautifully crafted knives in the kitchen. Making cooking so much more enjoyable. Great quality. Happy to support a Canadian company. 5 stars ⭐️
Jennifer M.
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Teresita Flores
Very good quality set of knife. Cooking and prepping makes it a lot better using this knives. GREAT

I will highly recommend to everyone who has the passion for cooking. Great value for the high standard of quality.

I am very pleae with the design and sharpness of the knives.

Ron Pomerleau
Great Out of the Box

Super happy with the knife set. These were bought for the cottage but are gonna be switched with the big brand set we have at home. These are well balanced, super sharp and so far, last a long time between honing. One thing worth investing in is learning proper knife skills. It makes prep a joy. Can't wait to get the steak knives.

Alissa Madjarian
Fabulous knives!!

I purchased The Knife Set as a birthday gift for my husband and although he initially wasn’t excited about a gift of knives he was quickly won over by their quality and now enjoys using them exclusively as he continues to expand his culinary skills in our new kitchen.

Liz S
Best gift I could give myself

I have been using my same old knife set for the last 28 years. Even though we tried sharpening them over the years, the blades didn’t stay sharp for very long. I hated cutting things like tomatoes because my knives just did not cut through. After buying our new Kilne knife set, we saved using them for the first time on Thanksgiving. My husband cut the bird and was very impressed as it just sliced through without any resistance. My test was the tomatoes for the salad and I was thrilled 😀. We are now looking at replacing our steak knives as well. Another huge bonus was that this company is Canadian! Wins all around! Thank you Kilne 🤗

Eduardo Toledo
Great Knives

Very good