Santoku Knife
$45.00 CAD

The Chopper

The perfect blade for chopping. It features a thinner blade for finer cuts, but an all rounder for slicing and dicing as well.


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7” Santoku knife

Multi-use knife with a granton edge to help keep food from sticking when chopping and a thinner blade thickness for finer cuts

Why the santoku knife?

Chops with Ease

The Santoku knife features a slimmer blade and a granton edge which helps when chopping at speed so that food falls off the blade. It's perfect for big as well as fine cuts and is flatter than the chef's knife if you prefer to chop in a rocking motion. The knife features chrome German steel and is fully forged for balance

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Charles Beale
A Sharp Cookie

Whoever designed Kline knives is a sharp cookie - the best knives I've ever owned. Full stop.

Donald McCutcheon

Santoku Knife

Jon Button

Great knife, nice weight, nice balance

Paula Simson
Love the santoku knife

Just received the santoku knife (very prompt delivery btw!) and I'm loving it already. Perfect length, perfect weight, just feels so natural in my hand. And sharp, sharp, sharp! Tremendous value for money, I can see this is going to be my go-to knife for most of my cutting/chopping needs. Kilne, if you're reading this - I'd love to have a 6" chef's knife too. Is there one in the works by any chance?

Hi Paula, we're reading this! We love the idea of a 6' chef's knife, too. We'll make sure to pass this along to the team. Let us know if you have any other suggestions :)

Keith Hillyer

Enjoyed it and happy. How do I sharpen it when it gets dull?