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A classic French knife, great for chopping, mincing, dicing, and/or slicing! This all-rounder is the most versatile of kitchen knives. If choosing only one knife for your kitchen, the Chef’s Knife is perfect for any and every task. It's perfect for fine cuts using the tip of the blade, or bring it in for the heavy lifting, whether it be chopping vegetables or slicing through your favourite cut of meat.

The broad, flat blade of the Chef’s Knife is great for crushing garlic or bruising foods like lemongrass. Utilize the back or topside when scraping food off your cutting board. Using the sharp side will dull your blade.


  • 8” chromium German steel blade
  • Fully-forged, full-tang blade (one piece of steel forms the blade and runs through the handle)
  • Ergonomic Grip
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"This knife does it all in the kitchen, from delicate cuts to heavy-duty chopping or slicing."
"[The Chef's Knife] has already blown me away with its sharpness, comfortable feel in-hand, and overall polished aesthetic. It’s become my go-to for weeknight dinner prep."
"This eight-inch French knife from Canadian brand Kilne promises to be your new all-around classic."

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8” Chef's Knife

A classic all-rounder with a strong, sharp blade ideal for both cutting and chopping.

Why the chef's knife?

Classic French Knife

The chef's knife is the ideal all-rounder, great for fine cuts with the tip of the blade and heavy lifting and everyday cuts like chopping vegetables or slicing through your favourite cut of meat. The knife is fully-forged with chromium German steel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Pamela Whelan
Love this pan!

Food doesn’t stick and no harmful chemicals.

Charles Reid

Best frying pan we have ever had.

Margaret Danklefsen
What a great gift

I use a lot of vegetables and a chefs knife is essential. This knife was highly recommended by my cooking club and the Kilne knife did not disappoint me at all. I love it.

Marney Opolsky
Love my knife - Great company

Kilne makes great knives. We have a set and have found that the edges stay sharp a long time. The balance is great for myself and my husband. Cutting anything is a pleasure.
We had a problem with the tip of our chef knife. The tip bent somehow. We contacted Kilne and were sent a replacement immediately. We were so impressed

Susan Chism
Love it

I never knew what a difference a great knife made in prepping food. This knife is superior. Comfortable grip and very sharp blade.

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