Santoku Knife

The Chopper

The perfect blade for chopping. It features a thinner blade for finer cuts, but an all rounder for slicing and dicing as well.


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7” Santoku knife

Multi-use knife with a granton edge to help keep food from sticking when chopping and a thinner blade thickness for finer cuts

Why the santoku knife?

Chops with Ease

The Santoku knife features a slimmer blade and a granton edge which helps when chopping at speed so that food falls off the blade. It's perfect for big as well as fine cuts and is flatter than the chef's knife if you prefer to chop in a rocking motion. The knife features chrome German steel and is fully forged for balance

Customer Reviews

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Great all purpose knife.

This knife has been an excellent all around useful knife. It’s been just over two weeks but I have to say I’m really impressed with this knife so far.

Amazing knife

It's the sharpest knife in the drawer!! The weight of the handle is perfect- it's truly the knife I have been waiting for- the fact that I can support a local company just adds to the greatness of this knife

Great knife!

So far, so good! I purchased the Santoku knife. Very sharp. Nice and heavy. Feels well made. For the price, you can’t go wrong!


Santoku Knife


I’m not a knife expert at all, but I’ve been very irritated with my previously owned dull knives because they wouldn’t cut meat properly and I had trouble cutting through seaweed when making sushi :( I was looking around for quality japanese knives but the price of them aren’t in my budget. Looked around more and came across Kilne. I was very skeptical because I have never heard of this brand and there’s not much reviews, but I took a risk because it’s a Canadian company and free shipping on the knives! I dont regret it at all because the knives I bought (one being the Santoku) were sharp and comfortable to use(: I’m so happy with my purchase, definitely gonna buy the Chef knife. I also recommend their knife sharpener, I used it on my old dull knives and it went well. Shipping was fast and packaging was good. Thank you Kilne, hoping that you’ll make more quality and affordable knives. You got yourself a new loyal customer!