The Knife Sharpener
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Sharpen your tools

Sleek and smartly styled, this manual three-stage sharpener creates a super-sharp edge on all knives.

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6 essential tools for your kitchen stored in a magnetic block.

Keep your knives sharp


The sturdy handle and guard rails make it simple and safe to sharpen.


With five strokes your knives are sharp and ready to tackle anything.

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What makes this sharpener stand out?

Sharpens all types of knives including steel and ceramic. The ergonomic handle can be used with a left or right-hand grip. Slip resistant rubber feet provide a steady grip to work surfaces.

Customer Reviews

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Sonja Sutton
Knife sharpener


Louise Ethier

Has given my old knives a new life!

Louise Maronese
Knife sharpener

This is a perfect extra item to go with the knife set. A must have!

Great knives, confused on sharpener

I love my knives so I thought I would buy the sharpener. I’m just not sure which choice I should be using. Ceramic, coarse or fine? Can anyone help me out?


The ‘coarse’ setting will actually remove steel from the blade to resharpen the edge, and the ‘fine’ setting is used for everyday knife maintenance or honing the knife further, after you’ve sharpened using the coarse setting. The ‘ceramic’ setting is generally for ceramic knives.

Whichever you choose, simply run your knife through 3-6 times, applying very minimal pressure. If you choose the coarse setting, always run the blade through the fine setting 1-2 times afterwards to finish the process and be sure to wash your knife before you use it again!

Jim Montpetit

Have not used it yet

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